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10571 Calle Lee, Ste. 133
Los Alamitos, CA 90720



Who we are

Rice General Environmental Construction Services, (RICE), is an independently owned and operated environmental construction company that has been serving California since 1989. RICE contracts for environmental services throughout northern and southern California.

RICE is self-certified as a Small Business complying with the standards set by the Small Business Administration and is certified as a Small Business with the State of California and the City of Long Beach. RICE is also certified as a Very Small Business Enterprise (VSBE) by The Port of Long Beach and San Diego Water Authority.

RICE offers a vast menu of construction services. As one of the leading environ- mental specialty contractors in California, our OSHA-HAZMAT certified team can handle all industrial and environmental field service requirements.

With more than 40 years of commercial and industrial experience, RICE is recognized as premiere leader in the Southern California environmental construction company industry. At RICE forward momentum is critical. We maintain a culture of continuous education and ongoing improvements including process, policy and best practice improvements. This ongoing commitment to expertise supports our commitment to innovation and excellence that serve our clients in the most efficient, competitively priced way possible.

RICE has worked with hundreds of companies on thousands of environmental and commercial construction projects ranging from oil refineries to office buildings. We have worked with all levels of specialty service providers including: environmental engineers, drilling and testing providers, remedi- ation specialists, plumbing, electrical and HVAC workers. With so many solid relationships built throughout the industry, we are uniquely suited to handle the most critical and sensitive projects.

Safety is an integral part of RICE policies and work practices. RICE has a comprehensive safety policy, which is revised periodically to stay current with industry standards. Our team has an incredible track record of avoiding on-site accidents, and we owe this not only to our own commitment to highest safety standards and other certifications, but to an overall company culture that puts safety above all else.

Focused on the core values of integrity, wellness, expertise and commitment while incorporating people, community and environment, RICE leads the industry with superior quality of service, integrity, expertise,
and safety practices.

At RICE we believe in:

  • Solid experience built up from thousands of construction projects.
  • A fierce and unwavering commitment to safety training and certification.
  • Careful planning and budget management.
  • Communicating with you to address your needs, questions and concerns.


  • Class A General Engineering
  • Hazardous Waste Certified
  • Class B General Construction
  • C61 Concrete Related Services