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Reporting Unsafe Behavior & Work Conditions

Reporting Unsafe Behavior and Work Conditions

Loss Prevention System (LPS) is the highly effective behavior based set of management tools used to promote safe work environment. LPS prompts people to develop proactive safe work habits.

Tools to be used

Among other strategies, LPS offers helpful tools to report unsafe practices and work conditions. Managers, supervisors, workers and other employees can follow these tools to report risky situations without any untoward bearing on their jobs –

  • Near Loss Investigation (NLI) – Near loss events are small incidents with a high potential of causing serious injuries and material loss. Near losses are simply accidents waiting to happen. This implies NLI becomes all the more relevant especially when carrying out a risky task.

    Use NLI to identify events which if not corrected will lead to serious mishaps. These changes may necessitate interdisciplinary communication. Capturing relevant information in a form, commonly referred to as the NLI form, ensures detailed documentation of the unsafe practice, its adverse effects and ways it can be averted.

  • Loss Prevention Observation (LPO) – LPO advocates assessing a task in the light of set safety standards. Observations made are documented in the LPO form and discussed at length to recommend safe processes.

  • Safe Performance Self Assessment (SPSA) – SPSA lays the onus of practicing safety on individual workers. Each employee present on the worksite should himself/herself take all due precautions when working on a task. Stop working if certain steps or a task is considered unsafe and immediately report it to the supervisors.

Assess the worst effects of the unsafe practice. Evaluate if you have the expertise to resolve the risk. Act promptly to discuss the situation with concerned personnel. Don't wait for an accident to happen. Take measures to minimize their occurrence.

SPSA does not require any forms to be filled.

Given the nature of environmental construction industry, care should be taken to prevent duplication of efforts. For instance, a process identified in NLI should not be reported in LPO and vice versa.

Tips for Reporting Unsafe Behavior and Conditions

Reporting unsafe practices and work conditions is tricky. Something that's unsafe for you may be normal for others. It is therefore important to report unsafe practices and conditions in such a manner that others too get a clear picture.

  • Use clear to-the-point language when making a report.

  • State facts clearly without blaming anyone.

  • Use facts such as time of the day, actual process to be followed, exact issue(s) faced, number of people present, machines used and any other information, which adds weight to the claim.

  • Include as much information as is possible.

  • Keep emotions separate.