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10571 Calle Lee, Ste. 133
Los Alamitos, CA 90720


Concrete Place & Finish

Concrete Place & Finish

When it’s time to place and finish your concrete, you need an experienced company with a solid reputation to set your foundation. Why? Because poorly created concrete slabs and pads can torpedo both the aesthetics and function of any industrial project. Team RICE has more than 40 years of experience working with concrete. We can:

  • Prep the grade and setting area so that it is clean, level and free of anything that might affect your concrete foundation.
  • Choose and mix the right materials for slabs, keeping weather, weight and even insects in mind.
  • Conduct custom, small-scale, hand-mix concrete place and finish jobs.
  • Arrange your slabs and pads so that they can hold electrical, rebar,
  • HVAC and sewage lines, if necessary.
  • Replace damaged, eroded concrete or asphalt with partial or entirely new slabs or pads.
  • Set your floors so that they withstand time, traffic, earthquakes and other forces.

Using reliable methods, top-notch tools, experience and an outstanding work ethic, RICE can take the headache out of your concrete replacement or finished concrete project.