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10571 Calle Lee, Ste. 133
Los Alamitos, CA 90720


Well Vault & Well Head Placing

Well Vault & Well Head Placing

Whether you’re undergoing a complicated site remediation or a simple groundwater monitoring study, your well box has to be sturdy, properly placed and protected from anything that might cause it harm. RICE has worked on dozens of well box projects over the years, so hire us if you need an environmental construction team to:

  • Replace your old well boxes with new ones to keep your remediation or testing project going.
  • Create holes for new well boxes destined to hold your valuable groundwater monitoring equipment.
  • Place and finish well boxes that stay firmly in place and function properly for their entire lifespan.
  • Set your well boxes up so they withstand a variety of weather and ground conditions.

Environmental construction and site remediation support requires specialized knowledge and experienced. With a proven track record of solid support work on various environmental construction and site remediation projects, Team RICE can easily handle your well box setting needs.

CASE Study

HITCO, Gardena, CA

  1. Well Replacement
  2. Designate Location
  3. Safety - Secure Area
  4. Sawcut | Break
  5. Remove
  6. Replace
  7. Place Concrete
  8. Finish