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Hole Clearing & Hand Augering

Hole Clearing & Hand Augering

Hand Augering to support your soil sampling efforts. A key step in site remediation is getting robust data through soil sampling. But hand augering can do much more than take lab samples. Using a hand-held auger to dig boreholes at various depths, we can confirm clearance for geoprobes and drill rigs, help you find buried concrete and stone and to scope out old utility lines. With years of experience conducting construction support for site remediation and environmental construction projects, we can work with your engineering or geological team to help take the worry out of building on or digging beneath the surface. Using a hand auger, we can:

  • Save time by making it easier for the geologist to take soil and sediment samples you can send to the lab for toxin and contamination analysis.
  • Dig out samples that you can use to measure soil density, ground moisture and other important elements.
  • Confirm clearance for geoprobes, drill rigs and other equipment.
  • Locate slabs of concrete or stone that, if hit unexpectedly, can damage drills, saws and other construction equipment.
  • Find air pockets, unstable ground and other places you should avoid when drilling.

At RICE, we strongly believe in being prepared. Each and every RICE truck is equipped with hand augers to support your soil sampling projects. But beyond that, we can save you time and money. There’s no need to hire multiple teams for your site remediation support. Just hire RICE to handle your environmental and industrial construction needs.

Case Study

Navy, Hunters Point

Hand Auger | 10 Days on Site

  1. Designate Locations
  2. Prepare Sample Stations
  3. Hand Auger
  4. Client Retrieve Soil Sample
  5. Continue Hand Auger