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Utility Vaults & Bollard Placement

Utility Vaults & Bollard Placement

A bollard, also known as a “crash post,” is a pole-like barrier put in place to protect your business or property from being rammed by a car, forklift and other unwanted vehicle. But like any device designed to kill the momentum of a multi-ton, fast-moving car or truck, a pipe or cast bollard must be installed properly to serve its intended purpose. At RICE, we can install set-fixed or removable bumper posts and bollards that will:

  • Protect your business and property from “ram raids,” where criminals drive cars through walls or windows as the first step in a robbery or burglary.
  • Protect your employees and offices from errant cars, especially if your business is located in a high-traffic area.
  • Stop traffic access at your commercial building or industrial site.
  • Secure your flammable or dangerous materials from vehicle based damage or disaster.
  • Shield your electrical boxes, industrial shelving or HVAC equipment from careless or ill-intentioned drivers.
  • Create a solid barrier around your gas station, bank, military or government building.

Using powerful drills, saws, coring equipment and the latest security standards, the RICE team can dig deep, mount, and erect an effective barrier that firmly stops traffic from breaching your designated space.